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I'm So Newark ran into Have You Met Newark downtown today


Founded in 2012, Have You Met Newark offers fun and informative walking tours and food tours. Guides trace historic landmarks from Newark's past and explores its current vibrancy with visits to galleries, shops, eateries, churches, and parks. Public tours are offered in Downtown Newark, the Ironbound, and Mt. Prospect. Private tours offer custom tour routes for on-foot, or by bus. ​Guides are Newark residents, and co-founders are urban planners committed to the city.

Have You Met Newark provides tours to corporations, universities, non-profits, schools, family reunions, organizations and any individual who wants a private customized experience.  Private tour clients include: Audible, Sills Cummis Gross, JCC of Central New Jersey, Brandeis Club of Middlesex County, PSEG, Rutgers University – Newark, University of Chicago - North Jersey Alumni Group,  Harvard University - New Jersey Alumni Group, American Civil Liberties Union – NJ, People’s Prep, Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, Great Oaks Charter School, Private Weddings, Family Reunions, Alpha Phi Alpha, and Global Health Corps.

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