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Rutgers School of Medicine student helping bag and deliver groceries to those in need during Covid19 pandemic. Newark NJ

Masked Heroes

Masked Heroes

Providing Meals
There are many words that can describe the beautiful people of Newark NJ, and its surrounding areas, but today we choose the word, heroes. When the going gets tough Newark has been known to be very resilient and it’s resiliency brings us back to that noun, heroes.

I’m So Newark, in its effort to continue capturing positive images from in and around Newark, presents this series where we focus on ‘Masked Heroes’ risking their own safety during this pandemic, Covid-19 , to serve others, especially our Seniors, and families in need during this pandemic. We’re talking about heroes who could not sit at home watching but made a decision to give back to their community. They are giving back by donating one of the most precious commodities on earth, time.

While capturing these images we could not help but think that these masked heroes have evidently taken on this task with no desire of recognition, by donning their mask. We definitely appreciate the audacity of such noble morality in times like these.

We would also like to thank Express Newark for supporting the production of this series with it’s 3rd Space Grant.
Matt Williams, founder I’m So Newark

Thanks to all the supported that made this happen:
Students from Rutgers Medical School, supported by Greater Newark Conservancy Table to Table @TheUPSStore7172 @Care Sparc Consulting, City of Newark, NJ - City Hall Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District Sustainable Health and Wellness Village #Nantech, Ameer Natson World Central Kitchen   This series made possible by Express Newark 3rd Space Grant, produced by Matt DV #RisenTV