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EvoluCulture’s Poetry Event

In the presence of poetry month for April, we would love to talk about EvoluCulture’s poetry event hosted by founding executive producer, poet, and author Sean Battle, called “Dopen Mic”. Based in Newark, NJ, EvoluCulture is the second longest running active Open Mic, specializing in event production for displaying aspiring artists’ unique talents. Their mission is to hold space for, and inspire, artists and art lovers throughout NJ and beyond. After a year and a half of only virtual performances, EvoluCulture started back to their interactive, in-person shows. Saturday, April 9th we celebrated their return at the Divino Tasting Room Eatery & Lounge on 38 Maiden Lane.

The lounge offers a large coffee room with small couches, coffee tables and chairs with added mirrors and paintings to compliment the overall mellow vibe of the location. In addition, they have a menu with a couple of nice meals from meatballs and panini sandwiches to salsa and dumplings. In celebration of the event, they also had a signature drink for the EvoluCulture crowd.

The lineup following the drinks & snacks had such unique and diverse talent in the performances from the featured artists, The Everyday Bite and Johnson Soldout. In fact, none of the artists didn’t seem to hold back anything when it came to creatively expressing and displaying their amazing talents. And nothing was more entertaining than the Karaoke game they played. We genuinely enjoyed this event themed for National Poetry Month. Special thanks to Sean Battle and the organizers for the dope event, and their warm welcoming in allowing us to capture their amazing artists. Also you can catch these vibes on their website and follow them on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook! We will catch you all up on with the latest content for National Poetry Month soon!

By: Charles Cobbertt | Digital Media Engineer for IM SO NEWARK

Poems By: Sean Battle & T.J. McGowan

Artist T.J. McGowan